Dáil streaming

Here you can watch footage from the Dáil, live from Leinster House.

This stream can also be launched in a standalone media player. All streams on agenda.ie provided by HEAnet, Ireland’s National Education and Research network.

FYI: When a vote is called, proceedings are suspended for a few minutes in order to allow TDs to return to the chamber. During this time, the audio in the chamber is turned off at the source – this may explain why you can occasionally see proceedings, but not hear what’s going on.

Other streams: Seanad | Committee Room 1 | Committee Room 2 | Committee Room 3 | Committee Room 4

Here is a list of members of the 31st Dáil.

The following is an interactive calendar offering a guide as to the schedule of events in the Dáil.

This calendar can be downloaded in iCalendar and XML formats.

Here’s a seating chart for electronic votes: just hover over the circle corresponding to the seat and the name of the TD who sits there for electronic voting will appear.