The following is a list of members elected to the 31st Dáil.

There are 166 members of Dáil Éireann – the latest member being Helen McEntee, who was elected in Meath East to fill the vacancy arising from the death of her father, Shane McEntee.

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Sorted by name

  • ADAMS, Gerry (Louth, Sinn Féin)
  • BANNON, James (Longford-Westmeath, Fine Gael)
  • BARRETT, Sean (Dún Laoghaire, Fine Gael)
  • BARRY, Tom (Cork East, Fine Gael)
  • BOYD BARRETT, Richard (Dún Laoghaire, People Before Profit/ULA)
  • BREEN, Pat (Clare, Fine Gael)
  • BROUGHAN, Tommy (Dublin North East, Labour, currently without whip)
  • BROWNE, John (Wexford, Fianna Fáil)
  • BRUTON, Richard (Dublin North Central, Fine Gael)
  • BURTON, Joan (Dublin West, Labour)
  • BUTLER, Ray (Meath West, Fine Gael)
  • BUTTIMER, Jerry (Cork South Central, Fine Gael)
  • BYRNE, Catherine (Dublin South Central, Fine Gael)
  • BYRNE, Eric (Dublin South Central, Labour)
  • CALLEARY, Dara (Mayo, Fianna Fáil)
  • CANNON, Ciaran (Galway East, Fine Gael)
  • CAREY, Joe (Clare, Fine Gael)
  • COFFEY, Paudie (Waterford, Fine Gael)
  • COLLINS, Áine (Cork North West, Fine Gael)
  • COLLINS, Joan (Dublin South Central, People Before Profit/ULA)
  • COLLINS, Niall (Limerick, Fianna Fáil)
  • COLREAVY, Michael (Sligo-North Leitrim, Sinn Féin)
  • CONAGHAN, Michael (Dublin South Central, Labour)
  • CONLAN, Seán (Cavan Monaghan, Fine Gael)
  • CONNAUGHTON, Paul (Galway East, Fine Gael)
  • CONWAY, Ciara (Waterford, Labour)
  • COONAN, Noel (Tipperary North, Fine Gael)
  • CORCORAN KENNEDY, Marcella (Laois Offaly, Fine Gael)
  • COSTELLO, Joe (Dublin Central, Labour)
  • COVENEY, Simon (Cork South Central, Fine Gael)
  • COWEN, Barry (Laois Offaly, Fianna Fáil)
  • CREED, Michael (Cork North West, Fine Gael)
  • CREIGHTON, Lucinda (Dublin South East, Fine Gael, currently without whip)
  • CROWE, Seán (Dublin South West, Sinn Féin)
  • DALY, Clare (Dublin North, Independent/ULA)
  • DALY, Jim (Cork South West, Fine Gael)
  • DEASY, John (Waterford, Fine Gael)
  • DEENIHAN, Jimmy (Kerry North-West Limerick, Fine Gael)
  • DEERING, Pat (Carlow Kilkenny, Fine Gael)
  • DOHERTY, Pearse (Donegal South-West, Sinn Féin)
  • DOHERTY, Regina (Meath East, Fine Gael)
  • DONNELLY, Stephen (Wicklow, Independent)
  • DONOHOE, Paschal (Dublin Central, Fine Gael)
  • DOOLEY, Timmy (Clare, Fianna Fáil)
  • DOWDS, Robert (Dublin Mid West, Labour)
  • DOYLE, Andrew (Wicklow, Fine Gael)
  • DURKAN, Bernard (Kildare North, Fine Gael)
  • ELLIS, Dessie (Dublin North West, Sinn Féin)
  • ENGLISH, Damien (Meath West, Fine Gael)
  • FARRELL, Alan (Dublin North, Fine Gael)
  • FEIGHAN, Frank (Roscommon-South Leitrim, Fine Gael)
  • FERRIS, Anne (Wicklow, Labour)
  • FERRIS, Martin (Kerry North-West Limerick, Sinn Féin)
  • FITZGERALD, Frances (Dublin Mid West, Fine Gael)
  • FITZPATRICK, Peter (Louth, Fine Gael)
  • FLANAGAN, Charles (Laois Offaly, Fine Gael)
  • FLANAGAN, Luke ‘Ming’ (Roscommon-South Leitrim, Independent (New Vision))
  • FLANAGAN, Terence (Dublin North East, Fine Gael, currently without whip)
  • FLEMING, Sean (Laois Offaly, Fianna Fáil)
  • FLEMING, Tom (Kerry South, Independent)
  • GILMORE, Eamon (Dún Laoghaire, Labour)
  • GREALISH, Noel (Galway West, Independent)
  • GRIFFIN, Brendan (Kerry South, Fine Gael)
  • HALLIGAN, John (Waterford, Independent)
  • HANNIGAN, Dominic (Meath East, Labour)
  • HARRINGTON, Noel (Cork South West, Fine Gael)
  • HARRIS, Simon (Wicklow, Fine Gael)
  • HAYES, Brian (Dublin South West, Fine Gael)
  • HAYES, Tom (Tipperary South, Fine Gael)
  • HEALY RAE, Michael (Kerry South, Independent)
  • HEALY, Séamus (Tipperary South, Workers and Unemployed Action Group)
  • HEYDON, Martin (Kildare South, Fine Gael)
  • HIGGINS, Joe (Dublin West, Socialist Party/ULA)
  • HOGAN, Phil (Carlow Kilkenny, Fine Gael)
  • HOWLIN, Brendan (Wexford, Labour)
  • HUMPHREYS, Heather (Cavan Monaghan, Fine Gael)
  • HUMPHREYS, Kevin (Dublin South East, Labour)
  • KEATING, Derek (Dublin Mid West, Fine Gael)
  • KEAVENEY, Colm (Galway East, Fianna Fáil)
  • KEHOE, Paul (Wexford, Fine Gael)
  • KELLEHER, Billy (Cork North Central, Fianna Fáil)
  • KELLY, Alan (Tipperary North, Labour)
  • KENNY, Enda (Mayo, Fine Gael)
  • KENNY, Seán (Dublin North East, Labour)
  • KIRK, Seamus cc (Louth, Fianna Fáil)
  • KITT, Michael (Galway East, Fianna Fáil)
  • KYNE, Seán (Galway West, Fine Gael)
  • LAWLOR, Anthony (Kildare North, Fine Gael)
  • LOWRY, Michael (Tipperary North, Independent)
  • LYNCH, Ciarán (Cork South Central, Labour)
  • LYNCH, Kathleen (Cork North Central, Labour)
  • LYONS, John (Dublin North West, Labour)
  • MacLOCHLAINN, Pádraig (Donegal North-East, Sinn Féin)
  • MALONEY, Eamonn (Dublin South West, Labour)
  • MARTIN, Micheál (Cork South Central, Fianna Fáil)
  • MATHEWS, Peter (Dublin South, independent)
  • McCARTHY, Michael (Cork South West, Labour)
  • McCONALOGUE, Charlie (Donegal North-East, Fianna Fáil)
  • McDONALD, Mary Lou (Dublin Central, Sinn Féin)
  • McEntee, Helen (Meath East, Fine Gael)
  • McFADDEN, Nicky (Longford-Westmeath, Fine Gael)
  • McGINLEY, Dinny (Donegal South-West, Fine Gael)
  • McGRATH, Finian (Dublin North Central, Independent)
  • McGRATH, Mattie (Tipperary South, Independent)
  • McGRATH, Michael (Cork South Central, Fianna Fáil)
  • McGUINNESS, John (Carlow Kilkenny, Fianna Fáil)
  • McHUGH, Joe (Donegal North-East, Fine Gael)
  • McLELLAN, Sandra (Cork East, Sinn Féin)
  • McLOUGHLIN, Tony (Sligo-North Leitrim, Fine Gael)
  • McNAMARA, Michael (Clare, Labour)
  • MITCHELL O’CONNOR, Mary (Dún Laoghaire, Fine Gael)
  • MITCHELL, Olivia (Dublin South, Fine Gael)
  • MOYNIHAN, Michael (Cork North West, Fianna Fáil)
  • MULHERIN, Michelle (Mayo, Fine Gael)
  • MURPHY, Catherine (Kildare North, Independent)
  • MURPHY, Dara (Cork North Central, Fine Gael)
  • MURPHY, Eoghan (Dublin South East, Fine Gael)
  • NASH, Gerald (Louth, Labour)
  • NAUGHTEN, Denis (Roscommon-South Leitrim, Fine Gael, currently without whip)
  • NEVILLE, Dan (Limerick, Fine Gael)
  • NOLAN, Derek (Galway West, Labour)
  • NOONAN, Michael (Limerick City, Fine Gael)
  • NULTY, Patrick (Dublin West, Independent)
  • Ó CAOLÁIN, Caoimhghín (Cavan Monaghan, Sinn Féin)
  • Ó CUÍV, Éamon (Galway West, Fianna Fáil)
  • Ó FEARGHAÍL, Seán (Kildare South, Fianna Fáil)
  • Ó RÍORDÁIN, Aodhán (Dublin North Central, Labour)
  • Ó SNODAIGH, Aengus (Dublin South Central, Sinn Féin)
  • O’BRIEN, Jonathan (Cork North Central, Sinn Féin)
  • O’DEA, Willie (Limerick City, Fianna Fáil)
  • O’DONNELL, Kieran (Limerick City, Fine Gael)
  • O’DONOVAN, Patrick (Limerick, Fine Gael)
  • O’DOWD, Fergus (Louth, Fine Gael)
  • O’MAHONY, John (Mayo, Fine Gael)
  • O’REILLY, Joe (Cavan Monaghan, Fine Gael)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Jan (Limerick City, Labour)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Maureen (Dublin Central, Independent)
  • PENROSE, Willie (Longford-Westmeath, Labour)
  • PERRY, John (Sligo-North Leitrim, Fine Gael)
  • PHELAN, Ann (Carlow Kilkenny, Labour)
  • PHELAN, John Paul (Carlow Kilkenny, Fine Gael)
  • PRINGLE, Thomas (Donegal South-West, Independent)
  • QUINN, Ruairí (Dublin South East, Labour)
  • RABBITTE, Pat (Dublin South West, Labour)
  • REILLY, James (Dublin North, Fine Gael)
  • RING, Michael (Mayo, Fine Gael)
  • ROSS, Shane (Dublin South, Independent)
  • RYAN, Brendan (Dublin North, Labour)
  • SHATTER, Alan (Dublin South, Fine Gael)
  • SHERLOCK, Seán (Cork East, Labour)
  • SHORTALL, Róisín (Dublin North West, Independent)
  • SMITH, Brendan (Cavan Monaghan, Fianna Fáil)
  • SPRING, Arthur (Kerry North-West Limerick, Labour)
  • STAGG, Emmet (Kildare North, Labour)
  • STANLEY, Brian (Laois Offaly, Sinn Féin)
  • STANTON, David (Cork East, Fine Gael)
  • TIMMINS, Billy (Wicklow, Fine Gael, currently without whip)
  • TÓIBÍN, Peadar (Meath West, Sinn Féin)
  • TROY, Robert (Longford-Westmeath, Fianna Fáil)
  • TUFFY, Joanna (Dublin Mid West, Labour)
  • TWOMEY, Liam (Wexford, Fine Gael)
  • VARADKAR, Leo (Dublin West, Fine Gael)
  • WALL, Jack (Kildare South, Labour)
  • WALLACE, Mick (Wexford, Independent)
  • WALSH, Brian (Galway West, Fine Gael, currently without whip)
  • WHITE, Alex (Dublin South, Labour)


Sorted by party

Fine Gael (73):

  • BANNON, James (Longford-Westmeath)
  • BARRY, Tom (Cork East)
  • BREEN, Pat (Clare)
  • BRUTON, Richard (Dublin North Central)
  • BUTLER, Ray (Meath West)
  • BUTTIMER, Jerry (Cork South Central)
  • BYRNE, Catherine (Dublin South Central)
  • CANNON, Ciaran (Galway East)
  • CAREY, Joe (Clare)
  • COFFEY, Paudie (Waterford)
  • COLLINS, Áine (Cork North West)
  • CONLAN, Seán (Cavan Monaghan)
  • CONNAUGHTON, Paul (Galway East)
  • COONAN, Noel (Tipperary North)
  • CORCORAN KENNEDY, Marcella (Laois Offaly)
  • COVENEY, Simon (Cork South Central)
  • CREED, Michael (Cork North West)
  • CREIGHTON, Lucinda (Dublin South East, currently without whip)
  • DALY, Jim (Cork South West)
  • DEASY, John (Waterford)
  • DEENIHAN, Jimmy (Kerry North-West Limerick)
  • DEERING, Pat (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • DOHERTY, Regina (Meath East)
  • DONOHOE, Paschal (Dublin Central)
  • DOYLE, Andrew (Wicklow)
  • DURKAN, Bernard (Kildare North)
  • ENGLISH, Damien (Meath West)
  • FARRELL, Alan (Dublin North)
  • FEIGHAN, Frank (Roscommon-South Leitrim)
  • FITZGERALD, Frances (Dublin Mid West)
  • FITZPATRICK, Peter (Louth)
  • FLANAGAN, Charles (Laois Offaly)
  • FLANAGAN, Terence (Dublin North East, currently without whip)
  • GRIFFIN, Brendan (Kerry South)
  • HARRINGTON, Noel (Cork South West)
  • HARRIS, Simon (Wicklow)
  • HAYES, Brian (Dublin South West)
  • HAYES, Tom (Tipperary South)
  • HEYDON, Martin (Kildare South)
  • HOGAN, Phil (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • HUMPHREYS, Heather (Cavan Monaghan)
  • KEATING, Derek (Dublin Mid West)
  • KEHOE, Paul (Wexford)
  • KENNY, Enda (Mayo)
  • KYNE, Seán (Galway West)
  • LAWLOR, Anthony (Kildare North)
  • McENTEE, Helen (Meath East)
  • McFADDEN, Nicky (Longford-Westmeath)
  • McGINLEY, Dinny (Donegal South-West)
  • McHUGH, Joe (Donegal North-East)
  • McLOUGHLIN, Tony (Sligo-North Leitrim)
  • MITCHELL O’CONNOR, Mary (Dún Laoghaire)
  • MITCHELL, Olivia (Dublin South)
  • MULHERIN, Michelle (Mayo)
  • MURPHY, Dara (Cork North Central)
  • MURPHY, Eoghan (Dublin South East)
  • NEVILLE, Dan (Limerick)
  • NOONAN, Michael (Limerick City)
  • O’DONNELL, Kieran (Limerick City)
  • O’DONOVAN, Patrick (Limerick)
  • O’DOWD, Fergus (Louth)
  • O’MAHONY, John (Mayo)
  • O’REILLY, Joe (Cavan Monaghan)
  • PERRY, John (Sligo-North Leitrim)
  • PHELAN, John Paul (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • REILLY, James (Dublin North)
  • RING, Michael (Mayo)
  • SHATTER, Alan (Dublin South)
  • STANTON, David (Cork East)
  • TIMMINS, Billy (Wicklow, currently without whip)
  • TWOMEY, Liam (Wexford)
  • VARADKAR, Leo (Dublin West)
  • WALSH, Brian (Galway West, currently without whip)

Labour (34):

  • BURTON, Joan (Dublin West)
  • BYRNE, Eric (Dublin South Central)
  • CONAGHAN, Michael (Dublin South Central)
  • CONWAY, Ciara (Waterford)
  • COSTELLO, Joe (Dublin Central)
  • DOWDS, Robert (Dublin Mid West)
  • FERRIS, Anne (Wicklow)
  • GILMORE, Eamon (Dún Laoghaire)
  • HANNIGAN, Dominic (Meath East)
  • HOWLIN, Brendan (Wexford)
  • HUMPHREYS, Kevin (Dublin South East)
  • KELLY, Alan (Tipperary North)
  • KENNY, Seán (Dublin North East)
  • LYNCH, Ciarán (Cork South Central)
  • LYNCH, Kathleen (Cork North Central)
  • LYONS, John (Dublin North West)
  • MALONEY, Eamonn (Dublin South West)
  • McCARTHY, Michael (Cork South West)
  • McNAMARA, Michael (Clare)
  • NASH, Gerald (Louth)
  • NOLAN, Derek (Galway West)
  • Ó RÍORDÁIN, Aodhán (Dublin North Central)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Jan (Limerick City)
  • PENROSE, Willie (Longford-Westmeath)
  • PHELAN, Ann (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • QUINN, Ruairí (Dublin South East)
  • RABBITTE, Pat (Dublin South West)
  • RYAN, Brendan (Dublin North)
  • SHERLOCK, Seán (Cork East)
  • SPRING, Arthur (Kerry North-West Limerick)
  • STAGG, Emmet (Kildare North)
  • TUFFY, Joanna (Dublin Mid West)
  • WALL, Jack (Kildare South)
  • WHITE, Alex (Dublin South)

Fianna Fáil (19):

  • BROWNE, John (Wexford)
  • CALLEARY, Dara (Mayo)
  • COLLINS, Niall (Limerick)
  • COWEN, Barry (Laois Offaly)
  • DOOLEY, Timmy (Clare)
  • FLEMING, Sean (Laois Offaly)
  • KEAVENEY, Colm (Galway East)
  • KELLEHER, Billy (Cork North Central)
  • KIRK, Seamus cc (Louth)
  • KITT, Michael (Galway East)
  • MARTIN, Micheál (Cork South Central)
  • McCONALOGUE, Charlie (Donegal North-East)
  • McGRATH, Michael (Cork South Central)
  • McGUINNESS, John (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • MOYNIHAN, Michael (Cork North West)
  • Ó CUÍV, Éamon (Galway West)
  • Ó FEARGHAÍL, Seán (Kildare South)
  • O’DEA, Willie (Limerick City)
  • SMITH, Brendan (Cavan Monaghan)
  • TROY, Robert (Longford-Westmeath)

Sinn Féin (14):

  • ADAMS, Gerry (Louth)
  • COLREAVY, Michael (Sligo-North Leitrim)
  • CROWE, Seán (Dublin South West)
  • DOHERTY, Pearse (Donegal South-West)
  • ELLIS, Dessie (Dublin North West)
  • FERRIS, Martin (Kerry North-West Limerick)
  • MacLOCHLAINN, Pádraig (Donegal North-East)
  • McDONALD, Mary Lou (Dublin Central)
  • McLELLAN, Sandra (Cork East)
  • Ó CAOLÁIN, Caoimhghín (Cavan Monaghan)
  • Ó SNODAIGH, Aengus (Dublin South Central)
  • O’BRIEN, Jonathan (Cork North Central)
  • STANLEY, Brian (Laois Offaly)
  • TÓIBÍN, Peadar (Meath West)

Socialist Party* (1):

  • HIGGINS, Joe (Dublin West)

People Before Profit* (2):

  • BOYD BARRETT, Richard (Dún Laoghaire)
  • COLLINS, Joan (Dublin South Central)

Workers and Unemployed Action Group (1):

  • HEALY, Séamus (Tipperary South)

Non-Party (16):

  • BROUGHAN, Tommy (Dublin North East, formerly Labour)
  • DALY, Clare* (Dublin North)
  • DONNELLY, Stephen (Wicklow)
  • FLANAGAN, Luke ‘Ming’ (Roscommon-South Leitrim)
  • FLEMING, Tom (Kerry South)
  • GREALISH, Noel (Galway West)
  • HALLIGAN, John (Waterford)
  • HEALY RAE, Michael (Kerry South)
  • LOWRY, Michael (Tipperary North)
  • MATHEWS, Peter (Dublin South)
  • McGRATH, Finian (Dublin North Central)
  • McGRATH, Mattie (Tipperary South)
  • MURPHY, Catherine (Kildare North)
  • NAUGHTEN, Denis (Roscommon-South Leitrim, formerly Fine Gael)
  • NULTY, Patrick (Dublin West)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Maureen (Dublin Central)
  • PENROSE, Willie (Longford-Westmeath, formerly Labour)
  • PRINGLE, Thomas (Donegal South-West)
  • ROSS, Shane (Dublin South)
  • SHORTALL, Róisín (Dublin North West, formerly Labour)
  • WALLACE, Mick (Wexford)

Ceann Comhairle [formerly Fine Gael]:

  • BARRETT, Sean (Dún Laoghaire)


Sorted by constituency

Carlow Kilkenny (5):

  • DEERING, Pat (Fine Gael)
  • HOGAN, Phil (Fine Gael)
  • McGUINNESS, John (Fianna Fáil)
  • PHELAN, Ann (Labour)
  • PHELAN, John Paul (Fine Gael)

Cavan Monaghan (5):

  • CONLAN, Seán (Fine Gael)
  • HUMPHREYS, Heather (Fine Gael)
  • Ó CAOLÁIN, Caoimhghín (Sinn Féin)
  • O’REILLY, Joe (Fine Gael)
  • SMITH, Brendan (Fianna Fáil)

Clare (5):

  • BREEN, Pat (Fine Gael)
  • CAREY, Joe (Fine Gael)
  • DOOLEY, Timmy (Fianna Fáil)
  • McNAMARA, Michael (Labour)

Cork East (4):

  • BARRY, Tom (Fine Gael)
  • McLELLAN, Sandra (Sinn Féin)
  • SHERLOCK, Seán (Labour)
  • STANTON, David (Fine Gael)

Cork North Central (4):

  • KELLEHER, Billy (Fianna Fáil)
  • LYNCH, Kathleen (Labour)
  • MURPHY, Dara (Fine Gael)
  • O’BRIEN, Jonathan (Sinn Féin)

Cork North West (3):

  • COLLINS, Áine (Fine Gael)
  • CREED, Michael (Fine Gael)
  • MOYNIHAN, Michael (Fianna Fáil)

Cork South Central (5):

  • BUTTIMER, Jerry (Fine Gael)
  • COVENEY, Simon (Fine Gael)
  • LYNCH, Ciarán (Labour)
  • MARTIN, Micheál (Fianna Fáil)
  • McGRATH, Michael (Fianna Fáil)

Cork South West (3):

  • DALY, Jim (Fine Gael)
  • HARRINGTON, Noel (Fine Gael)
  • McCARTHY, Michael (Labour)

Donegal North East (3):

  • MacLOCHLAINN, Pádraig (Sinn Féin)
  • McCONALOGUE, Charlie (Fianna Fáil)
  • McHUGH, Joe (Fine Gael)

Donegal South West (3):

  • DOHERTY, Pearse (Sinn Féin)
  • McGINLEY, Dinny (Fine Gael)
  • PRINGLE, Thomas (Independent)

Dublin Central (4):

  • COSTELLO, Joe (Labour)
  • DONOHOE, Paschal (Fine Gael)
  • McDONALD, Mary Lou (Sinn Féin)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Maureen (Independent)

Dublin Mid-West (3):

  • FITZGERALD, Frances (Fine Gael)
  • KEATING, Derek (Fine Gael)
  • TUFFY, Joanna (Labour)

Dublin North (4):

  • DALY, Clare (Independent/ULA)
  • FARRELL, Alan (Fine Gael)
  • REILLY, James (Fine Gael)
  • RYAN, Brendan (Labour)

Dublin North Central (3):

  • BRUTON, Richard (Fine Gael)
  • McGRATH, Finian (Independent)
  • Ó RÍORDÁIN, Aodhán (Labour)

Dublin North East (3):

  • BROUGHAN, Tommy (Labour, currently without whip)
  • FLANAGAN, Terence (Fine Gael, currently without whip)
  • KENNY, Seán (Labour)

Dublin North West (3):

  • ELLIS, Dessie (Sinn Féin)
  • LYONS, John (Labour)
  • SHORTALL, Róisín (Independent)

Dublin South (5):

  • MATHEWS, Peter (Fine Gael, currently without whip)
  • MITCHELL, Olivia (Fine Gael)
  • ROSS, Shane (Independent)
  • SHATTER, Alan (Fine Gael)
  • WHITE, Alex (Labour)

Dublin South Central (5):

  • BYRNE, Catherine (Fine Gael)
  • BYRNE, Eric (Labour)
  • COLLINS, Joan (People Before Profit/ULA)
  • CONAGHAN, Michael (Labour)
  • Ó SNODAIGH, Aengus (Sinn Féin)

Dublin South East (4):

  • CREIGHTON, Lucinda (Fine Gael, currently without whip)
  • HUMPHREYS, Kevin (Labour)
  • MURPHY, Eoghan (Fine Gael)
  • QUINN, Ruairí (Labour)

Dublin South West (4):

  • CROWE, Seán (Sinn Féin)
  • HAYES, Brian (Fine Gael)
  • MALONEY, Eamonn (Labour)
  • RABBITTE, Pat (Labour)

Dublin West (4):

  • BURTON, Joan (Labour)
  • HIGGINS, Joe (Socialist Party/ULA)
  • NULTY, Patrick (Independent)
    Elected in a by-election, 27 October 2011, to replace the late Brian Lenihan
  • VARADKAR, Leo (Fine Gael)

Dún Laoghaire (4):

  • BARRETT, Sean (Fine Gael)
  • BOYD BARRETT, Richard (People Before Profit/ULA)
  • GILMORE, Eamon (Labour)
  • MITCHELL O’CONNOR, Mary (Fine Gael)

Galway East (4):

  • CANNON, Ciaran (Fine Gael)
  • CONNAUGHTON, Paul (Fine Gael)
  • KEAVENEY, Colm (Fianna Fáil)
  • KITT, Michael (Fianna Fáil)

Galway West (5):

  • GREALISH, Noel (Independent)
  • KYNE, Seán (Fine Gael)
  • NOLAN, Derek (Labour)
  • Ó CUÍV, Éamon (Fianna Fáil)
  • WALSH, Brian (Fine Gael, currently without whip)

Kerry North-West Limerick (3):

  • DEENIHAN, Jimmy (Fine Gael)
  • FERRIS, Martin (Sinn Féin)
  • SPRING, Arthur (Labour)

Kerry South (3):

  • FLEMING, Tom (Independent)
  • GRIFFIN, Brendan (Fine Gael)
  • HEALY RAE, Michael (Independent)

Kildare North (4):

  • DURKAN, Bernard (Fine Gael)
  • LAWLOR, Anthony (Fine Gael)
  • MURPHY, Catherine (Independent)
  • STAGG, Emmet (Labour)

Kildare South (3):

  • HEYDON, Martin (Fine Gael)
  • Ó FEARGHAÍL, Seán (Fianna Fáil)
  • WALL, Jack (Labour)

Laois Offaly (5):

  • CORCORAN KENNEDY, Marcella (Fine Gael)
  • COWEN, Barry (Fianna Fáil)
  • FLANAGAN, Charles (Fine Gael)
  • FLEMING, Sean (Fianna Fáil)
  • STANLEY, Brian (Sinn Féin)

Limerick (3):

  • COLLINS, Niall (Fianna Fáil)
  • NEVILLE, Dan (Fine Gael)
  • O’DONOVAN, Patrick (Fine Gael)

Limerick City (4):

  • NOONAN, Michael (Fine Gael)
  • O’DEA, Willie (Fianna Fáil)
  • O’DONNELL, Kieran (Fine Gael)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Jan (Labour)

Longford Westmeath (4):

  • BANNON, James (Fine Gael)
  • McFADDEN, Nicky (Fine Gael)
  • PENROSE, Willie (Labour, currently without whip)
  • TROY, Robert (Fianna Fáil)

Louth (5):

  • ADAMS, Gerry (Sinn Féin)
  • FITZPATRICK, Peter (Fine Gael)
  • KIRK, Seamus cc (Fianna Fáil)
  • NASH, Gerald (Labour)
  • O’DOWD, Fergus (Fine Gael)

Mayo (5):

  • CALLEARY, Dara (Fianna Fáil)
  • KENNY, Enda (Fine Gael)
  • MULHERIN, Michelle (Fine Gael)
  • O’MAHONY, John (Fine Gael)
  • RING, Michael (Fine Gael)

Meath East (3):

  • DOHERTY, Regina (Fine Gael)
  • HANNIGAN, Dominic (Labour)
  • MCENTEE, Helen (Fine Gael)
    Elected in a by-election, 27 March 2013, to replace the late Shane McEntee

Meath West (3):

  • BUTLER, Ray (Fine Gael)
  • ENGLISH, Damien (Fine Gael)
  • TÓIBÍN, Peadar (Sinn Féin)

Roscommon-South Leitrim (5):

  • FEIGHAN, Frank (Fine Gael)
  • FLANAGAN, Luke ‘Ming’ (New Vision)
  • NAUGHTEN, Denis (Fine Gael, currently without whip)

Sligo-North Leitrim (5):

  • COLREAVY, Michael (Sinn Féin)
  • McLOUGHLIN, Tony (Fine Gael)
  • PERRY, John (Fine Gael)

Tipperary North (3):

  • COONAN, Noel (Fine Gael)
  • KELLY, Alan (Labour)
  • LOWRY, Michael (Independent)

Tipperary South (3):

  • HAYES, Tom (Fine Gael)
  • HEALY, Séamus (Workers and Unemployed Action Group/ULA)
  • McGRATH, Mattie (Independent)

Waterford (4):

  • COFFEY, Paudie (Fine Gael)
  • CONWAY, Ciara (Labour)
  • DEASY, John (Fine Gael)
  • HALLIGAN, John (Independent)

Wexford (5):

  • BROWNE, John (Fianna Fáil)
  • HOWLIN, Brendan (Labour)
  • KEHOE, Paul (Fine Gael)
  • TWOMEY, Liam (Fine Gael)
  • WALLACE, Mick (Independent)

Wicklow (5):

  • DONNELLY, Stephen (Independent)
  • DOYLE, Andrew (Fine Gael)
  • FERRIS, Anne (Labour)
  • HARRIS, Simon (Fine Gael)
  • TIMMINS, Billy (Fine Gael, currently without whip)