A housekeeping note

Some of you – though, by all accounts, not many! – may have noticed things being a little quiet around here for the last few weeks. The site took three weeks off through a combination of me being out of the country, and a little fatigue about the amount of work required to keep the site up to date (which is either about an hour a night, or more commonly a three-hour session on a Sunday afternoon).

Mindful of the workload – and the impact it’s been having on my personal and professional lives – I’ve decided to wind things down a little bit. While the site’s calendars will remain active, and its Twitter will keep posting links to livestreams, the daily newsletters and blog posts outlining the day’s agenda will have to cease for the time being at least.

I might revisit this at some point in the future if my circumstances change or if anyone else expresses interest in helping out with the daily updates (if you’re interested, by the way, get in touch at gav@agenda.ie).

Thanks for reading and for showing interest in the affairs of the nation.

– Gavan, admin