The following is a list of members elected to the 31st Dáil.

There are 166 members of Dáil Éireann – the latest member being Helen McEntee, who was elected in Meath East to fill the vacancy arising from the death of her father, Shane McEntee.

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Sorted by name

  • ADAMS, Gerry (Louth, Sinn Féin)
  • BANNON, James (Longford-Westmeath, Fine Gael)
  • BARRETT, Sean (Dún Laoghaire, Fine Gael)
  • BARRY, Tom (Cork East, Fine Gael)
  • BOYD BARRETT, Richard (Dún Laoghaire, People Before Profit)
  • BREEN, Pat (Clare, Fine Gael)
  • BROUGHAN, Tommy (Dublin North East, Independent)
  • BROWNE, John (Wexford, Fianna Fáil)
  • BRUTON, Richard (Dublin North Central, Fine Gael)
  • BURTON, Joan (Dublin West, Labour)
  • BUTLER, Ray (Meath West, Fine Gael)
  • BUTTIMER, Jerry (Cork South Central, Fine Gael)
  • BYRNE, Catherine (Dublin South Central, Fine Gael)
  • BYRNE, Eric (Dublin South Central, Labour)
  • CALLEARY, Dara (Mayo, Fianna Fáil)
  • CANNON, Ciaran (Galway East, Fine Gael)
  • CAREY, Joe (Clare, Fine Gael)
  • COFFEY, Paudie (Waterford, Fine Gael)
  • COLLINS, Áine (Cork North West, Fine Gael)
  • COLLINS, Joan (Dublin South Central, United Left)
  • COLLINS, Niall (Limerick, Fianna Fáil)
  • COLREAVY, Michael (Sligo-North Leitrim, Sinn Féin)
  • CONAGHAN, Michael (Dublin South Central, Labour)
  • CONLAN, Seán (Cavan Monaghan, Fine Gael)
  • CONNAUGHTON, Paul (Galway East, Fine Gael)
  • CONWAY, Ciara (Waterford, Labour)
  • COONAN, Noel (Tipperary North, Fine Gael)
  • COPPINGER, Ruth (Dublin West, Socialist Party)
  • CORCORAN KENNEDY, Marcella (Laois Offaly, Fine Gael)
  • COSTELLO, Joe (Dublin Central, Labour)
  • COVENEY, Simon (Cork South Central, Fine Gael)
  • COWEN, Barry (Laois Offaly, Fianna Fáil)
  • CREED, Michael (Cork North West, Fine Gael)
  • CREIGHTON, Lucinda (Dublin South East, Reform Alliance)
  • CROWE, Seán (Dublin South West, Sinn Féin)
  • DALY, Clare (Dublin North, Independent/ULA)
  • DALY, Jim (Cork South West, Fine Gael)
  • DEASY, John (Waterford, Fine Gael)
  • DEENIHAN, Jimmy (Kerry North-West Limerick, Fine Gael)
  • DEERING, Pat (Carlow Kilkenny, Fine Gael)
  • DOHERTY, Pearse (Donegal South-West, Sinn Féin)
  • DOHERTY, Regina (Meath East, Fine Gael)
  • DONNELLY, Stephen (Wicklow, Independent)
  • DONOHOE, Paschal (Dublin Central, Fine Gael)
  • DOOLEY, Timmy (Clare, Fianna Fáil)
  • DOWDS, Robert (Dublin Mid West, Labour)
  • DOYLE, Andrew (Wicklow, Fine Gael)
  • DURKAN, Bernard (Kildare North, Fine Gael)
  • ELLIS, Dessie (Dublin North West, Sinn Féin)
  • ENGLISH, Damien (Meath West, Fine Gael)
  • FARRELL, Alan (Dublin North, Fine Gael)
  • FEIGHAN, Frank (Roscommon-South Leitrim, Fine Gael)
  • FERRIS, Anne (Wicklow, Labour)
  • FERRIS, Martin (Kerry North-West Limerick, Sinn Féin)
  • FITZGERALD, Frances (Dublin Mid West, Fine Gael)
  • FITZPATRICK, Peter (Louth, Fine Gael)
  • FLANAGAN, Charles (Laois Offaly, Fine Gael)
  • FLANAGAN, Terence (Dublin North East, Reform Alliance)
  • FLEMING, Sean (Laois Offaly, Fianna Fáil)
  • FLEMING, Tom (Kerry South, Independent)
  • GILMORE, Eamon (Dún Laoghaire, Labour)
  • GREALISH, Noel (Galway West, Independent)
  • GRIFFIN, Brendan (Kerry South, Fine Gael)
  • HALLIGAN, John (Waterford, Independent)
  • HANNIGAN, Dominic (Meath East, Labour)
  • HARRINGTON, Noel (Cork South West, Fine Gael)
  • HARRIS, Simon (Wicklow, Fine Gael)
  • HAYES, Tom (Tipperary South, Fine Gael)
  • HEALY RAE, Michael (Kerry South, Independent)
  • HEALY, Séamus (Tipperary South, Workers and Unemployed Action Group)
  • HEYDON, Martin (Kildare South, Fine Gael)
  • HIGGINS, Joe (Dublin West, Socialist Party/ULA)
  • HOGAN, Phil (Carlow Kilkenny, Fine Gael)
  • HOWLIN, Brendan (Wexford, Labour)
  • HUMPHREYS, Heather (Cavan Monaghan, Fine Gael)
  • HUMPHREYS, Kevin (Dublin South East, Labour)
  • KEATING, Derek (Dublin Mid West, Fine Gael)
  • KEAVENEY, Colm (Galway East, Fianna Fáil)
  • KEHOE, Paul (Wexford, Fine Gael)
  • KELLEHER, Billy (Cork North Central, Fianna Fáil)
  • KELLY, Alan (Tipperary North, Labour)
  • KENNY, Enda (Mayo, Fine Gael)
  • KENNY, Seán (Dublin North East, Labour)
  • KIRK, Seamus cc (Louth, Fianna Fáil)
  • KITT, Michael (Galway East, Fianna Fáil)
  • KYNE, Seán (Galway West, Fine Gael)
  • LAWLOR, Anthony (Kildare North, Fine Gael)
  • LOWRY, Michael (Tipperary North, Independent)
  • LYNCH, Ciarán (Cork South Central, Labour)
  • LYNCH, Kathleen (Cork North Central, Labour)
  • LYONS, John (Dublin North West, Labour)
  • MacLOCHLAINN, Pádraig (Donegal North-East, Sinn Féin)
  • MALONEY, Eamonn (Dublin South West, Labour)
  • MARTIN, Micheál (Cork South Central, Fianna Fáil)
  • MATHEWS, Peter (Dublin South, independent)
  • McCARTHY, Michael (Cork South West, Labour)
  • McCONALOGUE, Charlie (Donegal North-East, Fianna Fáil)
  • McDONALD, Mary Lou (Dublin Central, Sinn Féin)
  • McEntee, Helen (Meath East, Fine Gael)
  • McFADDEN, Gabrielle  (Longford-Westmeath, Fine Gael)
  • McGINLEY, Dinny (Donegal South-West, Fine Gael)
  • McGRATH, Finian (Dublin North Central, Independent)
  • McGRATH, Mattie (Tipperary South, Independent)
  • McGRATH, Michael (Cork South Central, Fianna Fáil)
  • McGUINNESS, John (Carlow Kilkenny, Fianna Fáil)
  • McHUGH, Joe (Donegal North-East, Fine Gael)
  • McLELLAN, Sandra (Cork East, Sinn Féin)
  • McLOUGHLIN, Tony (Sligo-North Leitrim, Fine Gael)
  • McNAMARA, Michael (Clare, Labour)
  • MITCHELL O’CONNOR, Mary (Dún Laoghaire, Fine Gael)
  • MITCHELL, Olivia (Dublin South, Fine Gael)
  • MOYNIHAN, Michael (Cork North West, Fianna Fáil)
  • MULHERIN, Michelle (Mayo, Fine Gael)
  • MURPHY, Catherine (Kildare North, Independent)
  • MURPHY, Dara (Cork North Central, Fine Gael)
  • MURPHY, Eoghan (Dublin South East, Fine Gael)
  • NASH, Gerald (Louth, Labour)
  • NAUGHTEN, Denis (Roscommon-South Leitrim, Reform Alliance)
  • NEVILLE, Dan (Limerick, Fine Gael)
  • NOLAN, Derek (Galway West, Labour)
  • NOONAN, Michael (Limerick City, Fine Gael)
  • NULTY, Patrick (Dublin West, Independent)
  • Ó CAOLÁIN, Caoimhghín (Cavan Monaghan, Sinn Féin)
  • Ó CUÍV, Éamon (Galway West, Fianna Fáil)
  • Ó FEARGHAÍL, Seán (Kildare South, Fianna Fáil)
  • Ó RÍORDÁIN, Aodhán (Dublin North Central, Labour)
  • Ó SNODAIGH, Aengus (Dublin South Central, Sinn Féin)
  • O’BRIEN, Jonathan (Cork North Central, Sinn Féin)
  • O’DEA, Willie (Limerick City, Fianna Fáil)
  • O’DONNELL, Kieran (Limerick City, Fine Gael)
  • O’DONOVAN, Patrick (Limerick, Fine Gael)
  • O’DOWD, Fergus (Louth, Fine Gael)
  • O’MAHONY, John (Mayo, Fine Gael)
  • O’REILLY, Joe (Cavan Monaghan, Fine Gael)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Jan (Limerick City, Labour)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Maureen (Dublin Central, Independent)
  • PENROSE, Willie (Longford-Westmeath, Labour)
  • PERRY, John (Sligo-North Leitrim, Fine Gael)
  • PHELAN, Ann (Carlow Kilkenny, Labour)
  • PHELAN, John Paul (Carlow Kilkenny, Fine Gael)
  • PRINGLE, Thomas (Donegal South-West, Independent)
  • QUINN, Ruairí (Dublin South East, Labour)
  • RABBITTE, Pat (Dublin South West, Labour)
  • REILLY, James (Dublin North, Fine Gael)
  • RING, Michael (Mayo, Fine Gael)
  • ROSS, Shane (Dublin South, Independent)
  • RYAN, Brendan (Dublin North, Labour)
  • SHATTER, Alan (Dublin South, Fine Gael)
  • SHERLOCK, Seán (Cork East, Labour)
  • SHORTALL, Róisín (Dublin North West, Independent)
  • SMITH, Brendan (Cavan Monaghan, Fianna Fáil)
  • SPRING, Arthur (Kerry North-West Limerick, Labour)
  • STAGG, Emmet (Kildare North, Labour)
  • STANLEY, Brian (Laois Offaly, Sinn Féin)
  • STANTON, David (Cork East, Fine Gael)
  • TIMMINS, Billy (Wicklow, Reform Alliance)
  • TÓIBÍN, Peadar (Meath West, Sinn Féin)
  • TROY, Robert (Longford-Westmeath, Fianna Fáil)
  • TUFFY, Joanna (Dublin Mid West, Labour)
  • TWOMEY, Liam (Wexford, Fine Gael)
  • VARADKAR, Leo (Dublin West, Fine Gael)
  • WALL, Jack (Kildare South, Labour)
  • WALLACE, Mick (Wexford, Independent)
  • WALSH, Brian (Galway West, Fine Gael)
  • WHITE, Alex (Dublin South, Labour)


Sorted by party

Fine Gael (69 + 5):

  • BANNON, James (Longford-Westmeath)
  • BARRY, Tom (Cork East)
  • BREEN, Pat (Clare)
  • BRUTON, Richard (Dublin North Central)
  • BUTLER, Ray (Meath West)
  • BUTTIMER, Jerry (Cork South Central)
  • BYRNE, Catherine (Dublin South Central)
  • CANNON, Ciaran (Galway East)
  • CAREY, Joe (Clare)
  • COFFEY, Paudie (Waterford)
  • COLLINS, Áine (Cork North West)
  • CONLAN, Seán (Cavan Monaghan)
  • CONNAUGHTON, Paul (Galway East)
  • COONAN, Noel (Tipperary North)
  • CORCORAN KENNEDY, Marcella (Laois Offaly)
  • COVENEY, Simon (Cork South Central)
  • CREED, Michael (Cork North West)
  • DALY, Jim (Cork South West)
  • DEASY, John (Waterford)
  • DEENIHAN, Jimmy (Kerry North-West Limerick)
  • DEERING, Pat (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • DOHERTY, Regina (Meath East)
  • DONOHOE, Paschal (Dublin Central)
  • DOYLE, Andrew (Wicklow)
  • DURKAN, Bernard (Kildare North)
  • ENGLISH, Damien (Meath West)
  • FARRELL, Alan (Dublin North)
  • FEIGHAN, Frank (Roscommon-South Leitrim)
  • FITZGERALD, Frances (Dublin Mid West)
  • FITZPATRICK, Peter (Louth)
  • FLANAGAN, Charles (Laois Offaly)
  • GRIFFIN, Brendan (Kerry South)
  • HARRINGTON, Noel (Cork South West)
  • HARRIS, Simon (Wicklow)
  • HAYES, Tom (Tipperary South)
  • HEYDON, Martin (Kildare South)
  • HOGAN, Phil (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • HUMPHREYS, Heather (Cavan Monaghan)
  • KEATING, Derek (Dublin Mid West)
  • KEHOE, Paul (Wexford)
  • KENNY, Enda (Mayo)
  • KYNE, Seán (Galway West)
  • LAWLOR, Anthony (Kildare North)
  • McENTEE, Helen (Meath East)
  • McFADDEN, Gabrielle  (Longford-Westmeath)
  • McGINLEY, Dinny (Donegal South-West)
  • McHUGH, Joe (Donegal North-East)
  • McLOUGHLIN, Tony (Sligo-North Leitrim)
  • MITCHELL O’CONNOR, Mary (Dún Laoghaire)
  • MITCHELL, Olivia (Dublin South)
  • MULHERIN, Michelle (Mayo)
  • MURPHY, Dara (Cork North Central)
  • MURPHY, Eoghan (Dublin South East)
  • NEVILLE, Dan (Limerick)
  • NOONAN, Michael (Limerick City)
  • O’DONNELL, Kieran (Limerick City)
  • O’DONOVAN, Patrick (Limerick)
  • O’DOWD, Fergus (Louth)
  • O’MAHONY, John (Mayo)
  • O’REILLY, Joe (Cavan Monaghan)
  • PERRY, John (Sligo-North Leitrim)
  • PHELAN, John Paul (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • REILLY, James (Dublin North)
  • RING, Michael (Mayo)
  • SHATTER, Alan (Dublin South)
  • STANTON, David (Cork East)
  • TWOMEY, Liam (Wexford)
  • VARADKAR, Leo (Dublin West)
  • WALSH, Brian (Galway West)

There are also five TDs who were originally elected as members of Fine Gael but who are without the whip and who have formed the unofficial ‘Reform Alliance’ – some of whom have formally left the Fine Gael party. They are as follows:

  • CREIGHTON, Lucinda (Dublin South East)
  • FLANAGAN, Terence (Dublin North East)
  • NAUGHTEN, Denis (Roscommon-South Leitrim)
  • PENROSE, Willie (Longford-Westmeath)
  • TIMMINS, Billy (Wicklow)

Labour (34):

  • BURTON, Joan (Dublin West)
  • BYRNE, Eric (Dublin South Central)
  • CONAGHAN, Michael (Dublin South Central)
  • CONWAY, Ciara (Waterford)
  • COSTELLO, Joe (Dublin Central)
  • DOWDS, Robert (Dublin Mid West)
  • FERRIS, Anne (Wicklow)
  • GILMORE, Eamon (Dún Laoghaire)
  • HANNIGAN, Dominic (Meath East)
  • HOWLIN, Brendan (Wexford)
  • HUMPHREYS, Kevin (Dublin South East)
  • KELLY, Alan (Tipperary North)
  • KENNY, Seán (Dublin North East)
  • LYNCH, Ciarán (Cork South Central)
  • LYNCH, Kathleen (Cork North Central)
  • LYONS, John (Dublin North West)
  • MALONEY, Eamonn (Dublin South West)
  • McCARTHY, Michael (Cork South West)
  • McNAMARA, Michael (Clare)
  • NASH, Gerald (Louth)
  • NOLAN, Derek (Galway West)
  • Ó RÍORDÁIN, Aodhán (Dublin North Central)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Jan (Limerick City)
  • PENROSE, Willie (Longford-Westmeath)
  • PHELAN, Ann (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • QUINN, Ruairí (Dublin South East)
  • RABBITTE, Pat (Dublin South West)
  • RYAN, Brendan (Dublin North)
  • SHERLOCK, Seán (Cork East)
  • SPRING, Arthur (Kerry North-West Limerick)
  • STAGG, Emmet (Kildare North)
  • TUFFY, Joanna (Dublin Mid West)
  • WALL, Jack (Kildare South)
  • WHITE, Alex (Dublin South)

Fianna Fáil (20):

  • BROWNE, John (Wexford)
  • CALLEARY, Dara (Mayo)
  • COLLINS, Niall (Limerick)
  • COWEN, Barry (Laois Offaly)
  • DOOLEY, Timmy (Clare)
  • FLEMING, Sean (Laois Offaly)
  • KEAVENEY, Colm (Galway East)
  • KELLEHER, Billy (Cork North Central)
  • KIRK, Seamus cc (Louth)
  • KITT, Michael (Galway East)
  • MARTIN, Micheál (Cork South Central)
  • McCONALOGUE, Charlie (Donegal North-East)
  • McGRATH, Michael (Cork South Central)
  • McGUINNESS, John (Carlow Kilkenny)
  • MOYNIHAN, Michael (Cork North West)
  • Ó CUÍV, Éamon (Galway West)
  • Ó FEARGHAÍL, Seán (Kildare South)
  • O’DEA, Willie (Limerick City)
  • SMITH, Brendan (Cavan Monaghan)
  • TROY, Robert (Longford-Westmeath)

Sinn Féin (14):

  • ADAMS, Gerry (Louth)
  • COLREAVY, Michael (Sligo-North Leitrim)
  • CROWE, Seán (Dublin South West)
  • DOHERTY, Pearse (Donegal South-West)
  • ELLIS, Dessie (Dublin North West)
  • FERRIS, Martin (Kerry North-West Limerick)
  • MacLOCHLAINN, Pádraig (Donegal North-East)
  • McDONALD, Mary Lou (Dublin Central)
  • McLELLAN, Sandra (Cork East)
  • Ó CAOLÁIN, Caoimhghín (Cavan Monaghan)
  • Ó SNODAIGH, Aengus (Dublin South Central)
  • O’BRIEN, Jonathan (Cork North Central)
  • STANLEY, Brian (Laois Offaly)
  • TÓIBÍN, Peadar (Meath West)

Socialist Party (2):

  • HIGGINS, Joe (Dublin West)
  • COPPINGER, Ruth (Dublin West)

United Left (2):

  • COLLINS, Joan (Dublin South Central)
  • DALY, Clare (Dublin North)

Workers and Unemployed Action Group (1):

  • HEALY, Séamus (Tipperary South)

People Before Profit (1):

  • BOYD BARRETT, Richard (Dún Laoghaire)

Non-Party (15):

  • BROUGHAN, Tommy (Dublin North East)
  • DONNELLY, Stephen (Wicklow)
  • FLEMING, Tom (Kerry South)
  • GREALISH, Noel (Galway West)
  • HALLIGAN, John (Waterford)
  • HEALY RAE, Michael (Kerry South)
  • LOWRY, Michael (Tipperary North)
  • McGRATH, Finian (Dublin North Central)
  • McGRATH, Mattie (Tipperary South)
  • MURPHY, Catherine (Kildare North)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Maureen (Dublin Central)
  • PRINGLE, Thomas (Donegal South-West)
  • ROSS, Shane (Dublin South)
  • SHORTALL, Róisín (Dublin North West)
  • WALLACE, Mick (Wexford)

Ceann Comhairle [formerly Fine Gael]:

  • BARRETT, Sean (Dún Laoghaire)


Sorted by constituency

Carlow Kilkenny (5):

  • DEERING, Pat (Fine Gael)
  • HOGAN, Phil (Fine Gael)
  • McGUINNESS, John (Fianna Fáil)
  • PHELAN, Ann (Labour)
  • PHELAN, John Paul (Fine Gael)

Cavan Monaghan (5):

  • CONLAN, Seán (Fine Gael)
  • HUMPHREYS, Heather (Fine Gael)
  • Ó CAOLÁIN, Caoimhghín (Sinn Féin)
  • O’REILLY, Joe (Fine Gael)
  • SMITH, Brendan (Fianna Fáil)

Clare (5):

  • BREEN, Pat (Fine Gael)
  • CAREY, Joe (Fine Gael)
  • DOOLEY, Timmy (Fianna Fáil)
  • McNAMARA, Michael (Labour)

Cork East (4):

  • BARRY, Tom (Fine Gael)
  • McLELLAN, Sandra (Sinn Féin)
  • SHERLOCK, Seán (Labour)
  • STANTON, David (Fine Gael)

Cork North Central (4):

  • KELLEHER, Billy (Fianna Fáil)
  • LYNCH, Kathleen (Labour)
  • MURPHY, Dara (Fine Gael)
  • O’BRIEN, Jonathan (Sinn Féin)

Cork North West (3):

  • COLLINS, Áine (Fine Gael)
  • CREED, Michael (Fine Gael)
  • MOYNIHAN, Michael (Fianna Fáil)

Cork South Central (5):

  • BUTTIMER, Jerry (Fine Gael)
  • COVENEY, Simon (Fine Gael)
  • LYNCH, Ciarán (Labour)
  • MARTIN, Micheál (Fianna Fáil)
  • McGRATH, Michael (Fianna Fáil)

Cork South West (3):

  • DALY, Jim (Fine Gael)
  • HARRINGTON, Noel (Fine Gael)
  • McCARTHY, Michael (Labour)

Donegal North East (3):

  • MacLOCHLAINN, Pádraig (Sinn Féin)
  • McCONALOGUE, Charlie (Fianna Fáil)
  • McHUGH, Joe (Fine Gael)

Donegal South West (3):

  • DOHERTY, Pearse (Sinn Féin)
  • McGINLEY, Dinny (Fine Gael)
  • PRINGLE, Thomas (Independent)

Dublin Central (4):

  • COSTELLO, Joe (Labour)
  • DONOHOE, Paschal (Fine Gael)
  • McDONALD, Mary Lou (Sinn Féin)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Maureen (Independent)

Dublin Mid-West (3):

  • FITZGERALD, Frances (Fine Gael)
  • KEATING, Derek (Fine Gael)
  • TUFFY, Joanna (Labour)

Dublin North (4):

  • DALY, Clare (Independent/ULA)
  • FARRELL, Alan (Fine Gael)
  • REILLY, James (Fine Gael)
  • RYAN, Brendan (Labour)

Dublin North Central (3):

  • BRUTON, Richard (Fine Gael)
  • McGRATH, Finian (Independent)
  • Ó RÍORDÁIN, Aodhán (Labour)

Dublin North East (3):

  • BROUGHAN, Tommy (Independent)
  • FLANAGAN, Terence (Reform Alliance)
  • KENNY, Seán (Labour)

Dublin North West (3):

  • ELLIS, Dessie (Sinn Féin)
  • LYONS, John (Labour)
  • SHORTALL, Róisín (Independent)

Dublin South (5):

  • MATHEWS, Peter (Reform Alliance)
  • MITCHELL, Olivia (Fine Gael)
  • ROSS, Shane (Independent)
  • SHATTER, Alan (Fine Gael)
  • WHITE, Alex (Labour)

Dublin South Central (5):

  • BYRNE, Catherine (Fine Gael)
  • BYRNE, Eric (Labour)
  • COLLINS, Joan (People Before Profit/ULA)
  • CONAGHAN, Michael (Labour)
  • Ó SNODAIGH, Aengus (Sinn Féin)

Dublin South East (4):

  • CREIGHTON, Lucinda (Reform Alliance)
  • HUMPHREYS, Kevin (Labour)
  • MURPHY, Eoghan (Fine Gael)
  • QUINN, Ruairí (Labour)

Dublin South West (4):

  • CROWE, Seán (Sinn Féin)
  • MALONEY, Eamonn (Labour)
  • RABBITTE, Pat (Labour)
  • One seat vacant following the election of Brian Hayes (Fine Gael) as an MEP

Dublin West (4):

  • BURTON, Joan (Labour)
  • COPPINGER, Ruth (Socialist Party)
  • HIGGINS, Joe (Socialist Party)
  • VARADKAR, Leo (Fine Gael)

Dún Laoghaire (4):

  • BARRETT, Sean (Fine Gael)
  • BOYD BARRETT, Richard (People Before Profit/ULA)
  • GILMORE, Eamon (Labour)
  • MITCHELL O’CONNOR, Mary (Fine Gael)

Galway East (4):

  • CANNON, Ciaran (Fine Gael)
  • CONNAUGHTON, Paul (Fine Gael)
  • KEAVENEY, Colm (Fianna Fáil)
  • KITT, Michael (Fianna Fáil)

Galway West (5):

  • GREALISH, Noel (Independent)
  • KYNE, Seán (Fine Gael)
  • NOLAN, Derek (Labour)
  • Ó CUÍV, Éamon (Fianna Fáil)
  • WALSH, Brian (Fine Gael)

Kerry North-West Limerick (3):

  • DEENIHAN, Jimmy (Fine Gael)
  • FERRIS, Martin (Sinn Féin)
  • SPRING, Arthur (Labour)

Kerry South (3):

  • FLEMING, Tom (Independent)
  • GRIFFIN, Brendan (Fine Gael)
  • HEALY RAE, Michael (Independent)

Kildare North (4):

  • DURKAN, Bernard (Fine Gael)
  • LAWLOR, Anthony (Fine Gael)
  • MURPHY, Catherine (Independent)
  • STAGG, Emmet (Labour)

Kildare South (3):

  • HEYDON, Martin (Fine Gael)
  • Ó FEARGHAÍL, Seán (Fianna Fáil)
  • WALL, Jack (Labour)

Laois Offaly (5):

  • CORCORAN KENNEDY, Marcella (Fine Gael)
  • COWEN, Barry (Fianna Fáil)
  • FLANAGAN, Charles (Fine Gael)
  • FLEMING, Sean (Fianna Fáil)
  • STANLEY, Brian (Sinn Féin)

Limerick (3):

  • COLLINS, Niall (Fianna Fáil)
  • NEVILLE, Dan (Fine Gael)
  • O’DONOVAN, Patrick (Fine Gael)

Limerick City (4):

  • NOONAN, Michael (Fine Gael)
  • O’DEA, Willie (Fianna Fáil)
  • O’DONNELL, Kieran (Fine Gael)
  • O’SULLIVAN, Jan (Labour)

Longford Westmeath (4):

  • BANNON, James (Fine Gael)
  • McFADDEN, Gabrielle (Fine Gael)
  • PENROSE, Willie (Labour)
  • TROY, Robert (Fianna Fáil)

Louth (5):

  • ADAMS, Gerry (Sinn Féin)
  • FITZPATRICK, Peter (Fine Gael)
  • KIRK, Seamus cc (Fianna Fáil)
  • NASH, Gerald (Labour)
  • O’DOWD, Fergus (Fine Gael)

Mayo (5):

  • CALLEARY, Dara (Fianna Fáil)
  • KENNY, Enda (Fine Gael)
  • MULHERIN, Michelle (Fine Gael)
  • O’MAHONY, John (Fine Gael)
  • RING, Michael (Fine Gael)

Meath East (3):

  • DOHERTY, Regina (Fine Gael)
  • HANNIGAN, Dominic (Labour)
  • MCENTEE, Helen (Fine Gael)
    Elected in a by-election, 27 March 2013, to replace the late Shane McEntee

Meath West (3):

  • BUTLER, Ray (Fine Gael)
  • ENGLISH, Damien (Fine Gael)
  • TÓIBÍN, Peadar (Sinn Féin)

Roscommon-South Leitrim (3):

  • FEIGHAN, Frank (Fine Gael)
  • NAUGHTEN, Denis (Reform Alliance)
  • One vacancy following the election of Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan (independent) as an MEP

Sligo-North Leitrim (3):

  • COLREAVY, Michael (Sinn Féin)
  • McLOUGHLIN, Tony (Fine Gael)
  • PERRY, John (Fine Gael)

Tipperary North (3):

  • COONAN, Noel (Fine Gael)
  • KELLY, Alan (Labour)
  • LOWRY, Michael (Independent)

Tipperary South (3):

  • HAYES, Tom (Fine Gael)
  • HEALY, Séamus (Workers and Unemployed Action Group/ULA)
  • McGRATH, Mattie (Independent)

Waterford (4):

  • COFFEY, Paudie (Fine Gael)
  • CONWAY, Ciara (Labour)
  • DEASY, John (Fine Gael)
  • HALLIGAN, John (Independent)

Wexford (5):

  • BROWNE, John (Fianna Fáil)
  • HOWLIN, Brendan (Labour)
  • KEHOE, Paul (Fine Gael)
  • TWOMEY, Liam (Fine Gael)
  • WALLACE, Mick (Independent)

Wicklow (5):

  • DONNELLY, Stephen (Independent)
  • DOYLE, Andrew (Fine Gael)
  • FERRIS, Anne (Labour)
  • HARRIS, Simon (Fine Gael)
  • TIMMINS, Billy (Reform Alliance)