Today in Leinster House: November 20, 2012

THE OIREACHTAS WEEK actually began yesterday, with a visit from a European Commissioner, but the business in the Dáil tonight and tomorrow evening will – for a myriad obvious reasons – grab all the attention, and rightly so. 1:30pm – Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation – The day begins in Room 2, where members […]

Today in Leinster House: October 9, 2012

THE LEGISLATIVE week is mostly tied up with a hangover bill from the Fiscal Compact – which comes just weeks before the Budget – but there’s other stuff happening too: not least an examination of just why the HSE is spending more than it had budgeted to. 2:00pm – Questions (Minister for Education and Skills) […]

Today in Leinster House: October 3, 2012

THERE’LL BE a sense of carnival about today’s business in Leinster House, though it’s not likely to translate to those of us watching from a distance. Enda Kenny is leading a delegation of no fewer than 11 ministers, ten of them Cabinet attendees, to Brussels to discuss Ireland’s priorities for its presidency of the European […]

Today in Leinster House: May 24, 2012

SOME OVERSEAS dignitaries in the committees today while ministers continue their tours to get extra cash for their departments; there’s also some legislation put through both houses and interesting other bits and pieces. 9:30am – Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (sub-committee) – Pat Rabbitte continues the ministerial tour of the LH2000 wing, visiting Committee Room 3 […]

Today in Leinster House: February 23, 2012

As with yesterday, much of the day is spent dealing with legislation which has been on the table for quite some time, but there’s again some interest committee meetings to help pad out the day. 10:00am – Public Accounts Committee – This week the members get back to Room 1 to hold a magnifying glass over […]

Today in Leinster House: January 19, 2012 [updated]

In what’s becoming a regular theme – particularly on Thursdays – the day’s best business is probably to be found in the committee rooms, as there are some celebrity guests and thorny issues to be raised… 9:30am – Communications, Natural Resources and Agriculture – It’s the time again when the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is up […]

Today in Leinster House: September 20, 2011

With last week’s Dáil and Seanad sessions being relatively curtailed, the full business of the Oireachtas only truly gets back into shape this week – though, by the Dáil’s new self-professed standards, even this week isn’t a ‘full’ one, with no Friday sitting set for the time being. Nonetheless, today there are some interesting bits […]

This week in Leinster House: July 5-8, 2011

It’s a four-day week in Leinster House this week – the Seanad is being made to convene on Friday so that it can give its imprimatur to some emergency legislation. The committees make this week difficult to give a proper chart of, but here’s my attempt anyway.

This week in Leinster House: June 7-9, 2011

We’re told that there’ll finally be some news on the committees front this week – at least, that’s what the official sources have said – so we could be looking at a slightly more chocker schedule in the coming weeks. Until then, welcome to the first week of full sittings in both the Dáil and […]

This week in the Dáil: May 3-5, 2011

After all the long, drawn-out hubbub of the Seanad elections, guess what? It’s not sitting this week. Instead, given how we evidently can’t expect our TDs to work a full week after two Bank Holiday weekends, we have a slightly curtailed week – most probably to allow the Senators get settled and to organise the […]