Today in Leinster House: November 14, 2012

THE DÁIL’S day is largely eaten up by two major pieces of legislation, but there’s plenty going on elsewhere… 9:30am – Committee on Transport and Communications – The day begins in Room 4, where officials from the National Roads Authority will discuss strategic developments in maintaining and developing Ireland’s roads network, including links across the border […]

Today in Leinster House: October 25, 2012

AFTER A PRETTY CRAMMED week it’s back to a relatively slim agenda for today, as the Seanad discusses last week’s event in Brussels and the Dáil discusses the state of the Irish economy. 9:30am – Committee on Health and Children – We start in Room 2, where all four (did you know there were four?) health insurers […]

Today in Leinster House: October 18, 2012

THURSDAY’S business is more like Tuesday’s than Wednesday’s – after a slew of intriguing committee meetings and high-profile legislation, it’s back to the more routine humdrum. That said, there’s still chat about cheaper drugs, public sector allowances, and social welfare payments, so if they float your boat… 9:30am – Committee on Health and Children – Frances […]

Today in Leinster House: October 17, 2012

COMPARED TO YESTERDAY’S relatively sedate schedule, there’s quite a few interesting features on today’s schedule… 9:30am – Committee on Transport and Communications – The day begins in Room 4, where the transport committee will play host to Dublin Bus, the National Transport Authority, and the Coach Tourism and Transport Council of Ireland. They’ll all be discussing Bus […]

Today in Leinster House: October 11, 2012

THE LAST DAY of the week is another one with busy committee meetings which deserve more attention than the plenary business… 9:30am – Committee on Health and Children – Events kick off in Room 2, where members meet IBEC representatives, the Irish Heart Foundation, and the Special Action Group on Obesity to discuss the growing number […]

Today in Leinster House: October 4, 2012

THE PRESIDENT of the European Parliament will undoubtedly get some bad press upon his arrival to address the Dáil today – any German man coming to say hello wearing his EU colours is going to face a tough time from the commentariat – but there’s some other bits and bobs around too. 9:30am – Committee […]

Today in Leinster House: September 20, 2012 [updated]

[Updated, 10:21am] WITH JAMES REILLY having survived last night’s vote of confidence, there’s little respite for the Department of Health, whose performance is one of the main items on the agenda today. 9:30am – Committee on Health and Children – In Room 2, the Department’s secretary-general Dr Ambrose McLoughlin briefs members on how the Department has […]

Today in Leinster House: June 14, 2012 [updated]

TWO MAJOR PIECES of European-themed legislation going through the committees today, while the Dáil hopes to put an end to other straggling pieces of legislation longstanding on its agenda. Again, it should be noted that at the time of publication, there had been no announcement of any speaking time for Mick Wallace, so this is […]

Today in Leinster House: May 22, 2012

THIS WEEK’S committee meetings are largely padded out with ministers having to seek extra funding for their Government departments – which is relatively routine at this time of the year – while there’s some other decent meat in other committees and in the Dáil. 2:00pm – Questions (Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade) – Eamon […]

Today in Leinster House: April 26, 2012

The Dáil finally gets rid of the Social Welfare bill today, while the committee rooms will see Enda Kenny make a rare visit downstairs, guests from Sweden, and more. No sittings for the Seanad today, which will be in for a lengthy day tomorrow to make inroads on the Social Welfare Bill. 9:30am – Sub-committee […]