Today in Leinster House: June 12, 2012

THE DÁIL week this week is largely a collection of loose ends and bits-and-bobs, with the summer break beginning to creep into the horizon, so the meat of the week will actually in other places.

At the time of writing, it should be noted, there was no confirmation on whether Mick Wallace would be subject to a motion of censure, or whether there would even be time provided for him to explain his tax affairs.

Nonetheless, gotta start somewhere…

2:00pm – Questions (Minister for Social Protection) – After what some might describe as a low-key Fiscal Compact campaign, Joan Burton takes the stage to answer questions including the future of community employment schemes, delays in processing applications for carer’s allowance, changes to rent supplements and a ‘single working age’ payment.

2:00pm – Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform – Over in Room 2, the week begins with visits from Kenan Furlong, a partner at A&L Goodbody solicitors, and Eugene McErlean (a former AIB internal auditor), who will be offering their input on the draft whisteblowers’ legislation.

2:15pm – Environment, Community and Local Government (sub-committee) – In Room 4, some weighty stuff. Phil Hogan will talk members through ratifying the Aarhus Convention, which enshrines greater transparency in governmental decisions, as well as amendment touching up on the ever-thorny question of GM food. No doubt the latter will prove a thorny issue.

2:30pm – Order of Business – The Seanad kicks off its day with the usual 75-minute session of anything and everything.

2:30pm – Health and Children – Continuing the marathon hearings on the Children First bill, Children’s Ombudsman Emily Logan will be in Room 1 to offer her thoughts on the draft proposals.

3:15pm – Leaders’ Questions – The marquee event of the day sees Enda Kenny square off against Micheál Martin, Gerry Adams and the technical group’s rostered spokesman.

3:36pm – Questions (Taoiseach) – With those done, Enda Kenny takes more scripted questions: this week they’re on a potential public inquiry into the death of Pat Finucane, an account of his visit to the NYSE (including that photo with Denis O’Brien), and his meeting with Barack Obama.

3:45pm – Criminal Justice (Withholding Information Against Children and Vulnerable Persons) Bill 2012 (committee stage) – The main items of business for the Seanad is dealing with proposed amendments to the government’s landmark legislation making it a crime to withhold details of a crime against a child.

4:36pm – Order of Business – TDs spend thirty minutes agreeing to the day’s agenda and querying the status of promised legislation.

5:06pm – Topical Issues – Ministers are held to account for 12 minutes apiece on four matters of topical interest.

5:54pm – Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Bill 2011 (Seanad amendment) – There’s one procedural amendment to this legislation, which the government will stamp off before sending the Bill (which liberalises the number of vets who can perform certain procedures) for signature.

6:00pm – Companies (Amendment) Bill 2012 [Seanad] (second stage) – This legislation is fairly procedural, and in fact it’s not even likely that the 90 minutes allotted to it will be used up. The legislation tweaks the accounting standards required when companies are filing their accounts.

6:00pm – Matters on the Adjournment – With the children’s protection bill put to bed, members discuss other leftover items before settling down for the night.

7:30pm – Private Members’ Business [Fianna Fáil] – Motion re Planning Inquiries – One of the main narratives that has emerged in the post-Mahon era is the question of why six other internal inquiries being undertaken (or prepared, depending on who you ask) by the Department of the Environment were killed off by Phil Hogan. Essentially, Fianna Fáil’s motion would mandate the government to revive them. Debate continues until 9pm and will resume tomorrow.

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